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  • In her own voice

    Jan 16 2019

        As a Vegan Chef, I am always searching for the highest quality ingredients to prepare my meals.  I have been teaching and living ...

  • Traditional Italian Aperitivo – How to make it Vegan?

    Nov 01 2018

    Author: Michele, Founder of STIFINEFOOD  Facciamo un Aperitivo? ….. Living in Florida I began to miss one of the most important parts ...

  • Between Two Worlds

    Oct 12 2018

    Author: Michele, Founder of STIFINEFOOD  Since I was young living a bit outside of traditions always appealed to me. When building my ca...

  • SANA 2018

    Sep 22 2018

    Author: Michele, Founder of STIFINEFOOD    My continuous search for 100% vegan food products that can bring you the true Italian tradit...


    Sep 19 2018

    Author: Michele, Founder of STIFINEFOOD Growing up I loved two things: Food and Martial Arts. After accomplishing a lifelong dream to...